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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nina Nastasia - Southampton gig

Hi All, We are not just about the festival. We are still working to bring the best touring bands the world has to offer, and get in great local acts for support.

We are very happy to announce that we have been asked to host Nina LINK on her intimate UK tour. She normally plays in venues of 400 plus, so this is going to be a very special event for those lucky enough to attend.

Nina Nastasia's rare gift of a voice is an intimate, winged presence that is able to either freeze or melt your heart; that can powerfully soar and twist, or brush ultra-gently against you, suddenly summoning goose bumps. Mojo commented on its ability to "suck the air out of the room". Picking over themes of love, longing and loss, childhood, dreams and human dramas, her beautifully concise, hook-laden song writing and the spare arrangements of her band have a certain gritty, rustic charm and intensity. Simultaneously tough and fragile, her songs crackle and smolder with an intimate emotional honesty and a dark undertow.

Nina’s sixth album Outlaster is due out on 6th June on Fat Cat (Sigur Ros, Animal Collective). Once again recorded by Steve Albini, who is one of her biggest supporters; “Nina Nastasia's 'Dogs' is a record so simultaneously unassuming and grandiose that I can't really describe it, except in terms that would make it (and me) sound silly. Of the couple thousand records I've been involved with, this is one of my favourites, and one that I'm proud to be associated with."

Veteran BBC DJ John Peel became similarly enamored with her music. In an interview with Harper's and Queen, he called her "astonishing" and in Mojo said: "[Nina's] songs are very direct without being posy or too clever. There's an attractive air of melancholy without self-pity." Nina twice made it into his Festive Fifty: "Ugly Face" (ranked 4th in 2002) and "You, Her & Me" (ranked 13th in 2003).

Local supports come from Winchester's Incredible Weapons LINK
and Bournemouth's Directorsound LINK

Tickets are £10adv, and available from:{3C64A901-8948-4C08-A8EB-94C4B04DECDE}&filler1=see&filler2=art-srch
Oxfam Music - 1 East Street, Southampton, SO14 3HE. 023 8022 4864

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


As part of our arts festival, we've invited some knitters to come and help us with a spot of subversive knitting in the GLORIOUS sunshine, as we add a little colour to Palmerston park...
The idea is to knit up strips in various colours and patterns and stitch them together to create a patch work cover that will then be sewn on to the tree.
If you can already knit, then come armed and ready for action and bring any odd balls of wool you have for the cause. If your not quite sure if knitting is for you, but fancy having a go this will be a great opportunity for you to try out the sport, our knitting Guru's will be on hand to show you the ropes all day so pop by for an hour or hang out and help for the whole day and make your Granny PROUD!! FACEBOOK EVENT