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Monday, 23 November 2009


It's what we know the most about. We've been knee deep in local bands for 5 years, and we are making them more of a concern for us now than ever. So it kinda fits that we can suggest some local bands for you to listen to.

Make what you will of them, we happen to love them.

Band of Skulls
a local bit of swaggering blues...

Haunted Stereo
somewhere between indie, and alt-folk...

Mother's Auxillary
solo effort, speaks of folk, electronica, and beautiful harmonies.

They Came and Ate Us
Some fast-paced, driving, and noisy kraut rock influenced tunes.

The lighter side of instrumental. Referencing Eno's ambient period.

If you want know more let us know, and we'll see what else we can hook you up with.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Submission themes/Southampton Zine Fair/Spoken Word


Submission Themes for Festival:
We are getting closer to our Arts Festival on June 5th, 2010.
The idea is to make some of the art available for free, to promote and celebrate local artists to the population of Southampton.
We’ve decided the themes for submission for the festival.
Artists are being asked to submit work within the following three themes:

Drums – To represent the creative elements at the festival
Birds – To represent the park space
Boats – To represent Southampton’s heritage.

All works of art will be displayed around the park, and upon request can be considered for our Film Tent Gallery.

Southampton’s First Zine fair:
A quick point to high light something very cool happening this weekend (Sat 21st & Sun 22nd). For the first time ever Southampton is hosting it’s own Zine Fair. You can find out about it here:

Spoken word:
For those of you interested in the spoken word, Apples and Snakes are hosting regular nights at the Nuffield Theatre. The next event is being held on Monday 14th Dec, from 7.30pm.
They’ve called the event “451”
And is going to be spoken word to enthral, excite and entertain. Their guest on the 14th will be El Crisis. Whose style of poetry and performance is truly unique. Combining a hypnotic mixture of rap, spoken word, song and chant, he relates his experiences, stories, street-style philosophy and viewpoints on the world and society today. He is one of the most dynamic voices in UK poetry.
El Crisis' performances are enlightening, extraordinary and unforgettable.
To guarantee a slot please email:


Wednesday, 28 October 2009


We all know the music industry has been facing new challenges recently trying to desperately engage it’s audience and keep up with modern technology. Many blogs have covered this, with their own opinions and facts, so I won’t head in that direction.
Instead, I’ll simply give a list of different places I go to get my physical copies of my records.

The best place to find second hand rare records has to be Oxfam music. One of only 6 of Oxfam’s music devoted shops, it sits on the corner of East Street. This little shop has gems stacked from floor to ceiling. With some of the rarest records I’ve ever seen proudly on display. The stock is constantly changing, and has a wide range from world music to heavy metal, classical to white label dance promos.

If you are looking for something a little newer, and more “out-there” then I suggest going to the Art House on the second Sunday of the month in the morning. Grabbing a coffee and diving into the depths of the collection that Edgeworld offers. For those of us who are music snobs, and prefer something a little more contemporary.

The only independent record shop left in Southampton is Weasels Records. Dealing in both new and second hand (he will buy your older Cds). He’s got a load of old 45s in there too. Worth a look if you’re passing 392a Shirley Road

Know of any where I should have included? Let me know, by emailing info at ejectorseat. co . uk


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Music, Film and Art

Have you heard of
Sotones? They are worth your time. A musicians' collective, a co-operative and a not-for-profit Community Interest Clause company. On the 9th of October they will be holding a shin-dig at Hamptons with performances from Joe Parker, Pete Lyons, The Moulettes, and Jackie Paper. FACEBOOK PAGE

For those of you who know the Hobbit in Southampton it will come as no surprise that their Beer Garden will be holding another festival. In the past it has embraced many weekend festivals such as Enviro-rock and Headline Festival, to raise awareness and funds for some good causes. The next such event will be SoundBytes Festival. Organised by Open Sight with the help of some local good eggs. There will be bands on the Friday night and all day Saturday, drink promotions and a BBQ. A market will be selling handmade clothes, jewellery, accessories, craftwork and art. There will also be various games, face painting and children’s arts and craft sessions for more info See the Facebook event page.

It looks like October is film festival season.
Southampton Film Week, Winchester Film Festival, Portsmouth Film Festival all happening within the first half of October.

Check out the programmes for each below:

Southampton Film Week

Portsmouth Film Festival

Winchester Film Festival

From November 7th - December 20th
A Space will be offering art lovers the chance to get their hands on some artwork at The Bargate Gallery as part of their Collectible 2 event. This might be a little ahead of time, but it will be worth saving up your pocket money so you can make sure you bag yourself a goodun’.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

ideas ideas ideas.

Hello to all you culture vultures...

This week we had a very productive meeting. Ideas for our Arts Festival in Southampton were flying around all over the place. We managed to catch a few of them, and tame their wild ways into something we could use to our advantage. We are gearing up and organising the Workshop element of the festival.

They included:
  • Holding workshops to get choirs and orchestras to practice with the bands, and then perform material on the day.
  • Hosting a song from each of the bands on our web-site and encourage film makers to produce a short film inspired by the music our favourite will then be shown in the Cinema Tent.
  • Engage illustrators, artists and everyone to create art to be placed all around the park and transform the space for the day (themes to be discussed) .
We are now talking to more groups and organisations than ever about the festival.
If you want to get involved, just e-mail us at info at


Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Bonanza

It's been a long weekend.
And I am thankful for it.
Friday saw a visit to The Hobbit on Beavois Valley for some Math/Post/Noise-rock entertainment. A final show and fairwell for Southampton band El Colosso. Playing with them was The Psyche Out Musikland Big Band and Brother Francisco.

Saturday saw an evenings art and entertainment as The Bargate gallery opened its doors for Testing Grounds.

Sunday was all about Osfest at the Osbourne in Shirley. Which concluded at nice broad spectrum of culture!

Now, I know it's pretty pointless me telling you all this now, but here's something for the future:

Music In The City
It's going to be a long game for these guys. They are building up momentum for events in 2010. So get involved, find out what you can do! I know I will...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

A few things with Southampton contributions

I made a trade tonight.

A straight swap of access to a Southampton stranger's literary offerings for details of a live event that keeps me drawing bad sketches, and not being ashamed of them.

Part A) is the Literature. Elephant Words
Part B) is the illustration. Log Jam

I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Welcome one and all.

EjectorSeat. Promoting and Celebrating Arts Culture in the South.
Our Aim: To connect and develop elements of culture in the South. We are promoters based on the South Coast of England. Please feel free to look around these pages to see what we’ve got coming up.

Our History: EjectorSeat was formed to promote the things we love. Our first event was to put on an amazing band, and get the best local acts to support. The band was 65daysofstatic, no other promoters in Southampton would have taken the chance on them. But the gig was a success! And meant that 65dos kept coming back for more. This started a thirst for bringing the best new bands to Southampton, who were genuinely sincere and trying something a bit different, holding the cream of local developing talent in support. After 5 years of securing the best touring bands, and helping local artists develop, we decided we needed to evolve and try and do more for other local artists.
Our Arts Festival was born. Which is what this blog is going to be detailing. We are developing on our humble beginnings, and expanding to include music from the Band Stand, a Cinema Tent, and Arts Market (representing Southampton’s best emerging talent) and room for much more. To find out more, keep on eye on this site, or contact us direct: info at ejectorseat. co. uk

We are on myspace, LastFM, and Facebook... join us!