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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Illustrator Commissioned for 2011 Festival

Ollie Stone has been asked to create all the illustrations for our 2011 Arts and Music Festival set for 4th June.

We are expecting to see (family friendly) monsters playing guitars and covering themselves in paint, all in the name of creativity.

To see examples of Ollie's work, take a look at his website LINK and blog LINK

Monday, 29 November 2010

The NEW WORKS FESTIVAL, a three-day new music festival organised by the University of Southampton's Music Department is due to start from the 5th-7th December.

The purpose of the New Works Festival is to raise the profile of the Music department at Southampton University by showcasing the talent of our staff and students. It will feature new music written by Michael Finnissy, Michael Zev Gordon and the Postgraduate PhD composers (

Performing are some of the country's most well respected new music specialists including many from within the department, for example: Michael Finnissy, Jane Chapman and Angela Space, and PhD student Justin Christensen's international ensemble Modelo62, who will be performing here as part of their nationwide tour.

As well as this there will be composition forums and open rehearsals, all of which are open to the general public.



Playing works by: Michael Zev Gordon, Lachenmann, Xenakis, Andrew Toovey, Chris Newman, George Holloway, Marios Joannou Elia; and Piano Duets by Judith Weir and Leo Grant

Dec 6th, 1pm: DARRAGH MORGAN AND MARY DULLEA (Violin and Piano)

Playing Works by: Michael Finnissy, Michael Zev Gordon, Philip Clarke, Claudia Molitor, Ophir Ilzetzki and Ignacio Brasa

Dec 6th, 8pm: MODELO 62 ENSEMBLE

Playing Works by: Michael Finnissy (World Premiere), James Tenney, Justin Christensen, Jee Soo Shin and Hossein Hadisi

Dec 7th, 1pm: HUW WATKINS TRIO

(Richard Watkins, Horn; Alexandra Wood, Violin; Huw Watkins, Piano)

Playing Works by: TBC

Dec 7th, 8pm: JANE CHAPMAN AND ANGELA SPACE (Harpsichord and Saxophone)

Playing Works by: TBC


Monday, 22 November 2010

Work Placements

Hello all.

It's that time of year again.
We are gearing up for our festival next year (to be held on the 4th of June).
And we need your help to make it a success!
Last year wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for all the efforts of our Volunteers, and next year will be no different.
If you are interested in helping a local arts festival develop, gaining some great experience, and working as part of an enthusiastic team, please send us an e-mail and let's get talking.
We will be expanding the site next year, and need people to help in the roles listed below:

  • Arts Market Co-ordinator

  • Film Competition Artist Liaison Officer

  • Film Tent Artist Liaison Officer

  • Film Tent Stage Manager

  • Grant Writer

  • Head of Marketing

  • Interview Liaison

  • Main Stage Manager Roles

  • Marketing Liaison

  • Online Marketing Liaison

  • Second Stage Manager

  • Site Artist Liaison Officer

  • Site Manager

  • Spoken Word Stage Manager

  • TV and Radio Marketing Liaison

If you are interested, we would welcome an e-mail and a CV to info at

Best of luck,


Monday, 1 November 2010


Log Jam is back!

Time: Sunday, November 14 · 8:30pm - 11:30pm

Location: The Soul Cellar

Nothing has changed (except the venue) so expect the same shenanigans as before:

Live jamming sessions where you are encouraged to get up and join in! (or just sit back and take in the loveliness).

Pens and paper for you to sit and draw, doodle, fold, colour and scribble to your hearts content!

We will hopefully have some larger pieces on the go with a few illustrators around to get help you get collaborating!

Guitars, drums, keyboards, whistle, horns, a cat and all the other instruments for you to play with!

Come down and play.

and after the event find the music and pictures online ( or on the group.

Johnny Toaster are also working together with the Soul Cellar to create a new permanent exhibition space. Email work your to for your chance to be exhibited!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Terry Riley.

This man is a legend. Those familiar with Powaqqatsi or any of Philip Glass' or Steve Reich's work will appreciate what he does.

American minimalist Terry Riley has been away from the UK for many years and in this, the year of his 75th Birthday, he returns with a tour dedicated to the work of his guru, the celebrated Hindustani classical singer, Pran Nath.

Southampton is lucky enough to play host to him for one of only 5 days of his tour on November the 2nd. And Southampton is offering something very special to go along with it. There will be an open soundcheck/rehearsal in the Turner Sims Concert Hall from 3 to 4.30, then there will be 30 minutes of Q&A with the audience from 4.30 to 5.00. THIS IS OPEN TO ANYBODY, NOT JUST UNI STUDENTS.

For more info visit HERE

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sunday, 10 October 2010


S A T U R D A Y T H E 20TH N O V E M B E R






Saturday, 25 September 2010

EjectorSeat & Music in the City Presents!


We've been asked by Music in the City to host a concert at the amazing 14th Century Castle Vault.
This is going to be a VERY special show.
We have chosen special artists to perform who deal with resonance and sparsity. We are going to mic up the room, and not the instruments, so the sound will be very unique. Hopefully complimenting both Iannis Xenakis and Alvin Lucier, but in a accessible way.

Doyle and the Fourfathers
...Fans already include BBC 6 Music's Marc Riley, and Rouge Trade, who described the band as “channelling Scott Walker via Eno-era Bowie with a nod to Jarvis and Neil Hannon on the way. One of those “Catch them in a small venue while you can bands”.

Andrew Convey and Matt Reynolds
Two of Southampton's best alternative bands join up for what will be a very special set of stripped back material. We are not sure what they will be performing, but it is sure to be special.

Having just moved to Southampton from Oakland, California, this is her first show for the public in Southampton. Powerdove's songs perfect the art of restrained instrumentation, but still manage to be incredibly intense. Don't just take our word for it, see the myspace for music and praise.

Quamvis Sum Parva
The Castle Vault is the perfect place to experience this mixture of Stars of the Lid and Pauline Oliveros creating an end product Cabaret Voltaire would be proud of.
Last time we saw this performance, it was for Bang The Bore. Astounded by the industrial sound that was produced from the array of bowls, gongs, bows a loop pedal and a serious PA contribution, we had to get a performance here.

Lee Kislingbury
performing a set of guitar compositions, drawing influence from Godspeed You Black Emperor and American Primitivism.

Ignacio Agrimbau, Joe Kelly, and Hossein Hadisi

We will also be displaying some visual art to compliment the diverse line up that we have for you. Short films, and recorded experimental music will fill up the space throughout the day.

Face book event Link

Monday, 13 September 2010

New shows

We warned you. We said we were going to do some more gigs.

So far, we have been very lucky. We've met some great people in Southampton that have helped us to organise some awesome shows.
The first coming up is at the Bargate Gallery on Sun 19th Sept, with Anja McCloskey’s (Haunted Stereo) EP launch. Support comes from Ottersgear (from Manchester) and local boys Freezing in Fressin.

This gig starts a series of events that we will be programming at the Bargate Gallery over the coming year. All of the shows will be stripped back, celebrating some great local acoustic artists, with special solo sets, and others artists from further afield, representing Brighton, Bournemouth, Winchester Portsmouth and London. Entry is £4 on the door, and starts at 8pm.

Our second is a free event on Saturday 9th October and is part of the Music in the City programme. Running from 12 until 20:00. We will be hosting a special show at the Castle Vault on Western Esplanade MAP. We have specially chosen artists to perform here that will compliment the atmosphere of the venue, creating resonance, echo, and reverberation. Artists set to perform are all from Hampshire, and include:

Doyle & The Fourfathers (indie lovies)

Powerdove (understated acoustic singer/song writer)

Andrew Convey and Matt Reynolds (Burn the Fleet frontman)

Lee Kislingbury (acoustic guitar soundtracks)

Quamvis Sum Parva (experiments in resonance)

Ignacio Agrimbau & Company

plus one more tbc

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Upcoming Events

Hey people!

We've got some stuff planned up our sleeves!

If you like 14 Century buildings, underground vaults, and ancient city gateways filled with some great musicians we'll have just the thing for you coming in September and October...

Remember to check back here soon, and there will be full info!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Festivals close to home...

Hey all,

Hope you're well. We thought we'd send you a quick message letting you know about about a couple of festivals that are happening in the local area.

The first one is this weekend, and is Blissfields. LINK

This is a boutique festival that comes back for another year to celebrate it's 10th anniversary to please local bodies. Having won “Best Small Festival” from the UK festival awards, they fancy their chances again this year. Good luck guys! Live bands playing include Dubpistols, Stereo MCs, Band of Skulls and Lanterns on the Lake.

The second is slightly closer to home, and in the form of Pulse Festival. Taking place at Sunny Fields farm in Marchwood, this virgin festival is set to please both foodies and music lovers alike. Some great acts including Woven Bird and Science of 8 Limbs will be there to entertain.

Friday, 11 June 2010

impromptu show

For those of you that were really looking forward to REMNANT PSYCHE playing in the film tent, we can only apologise that it didn't happen.

HOWEVER! There has been an impromptu show booked in at Hamptons with them headlining. The show is this Sunday 13th of June.

The full line up is going to be




There's also a facebook event page if you wanted to know more.!/event.php?eid=132587183419867

Friday, 4 June 2010



From 2pm until 6pm we are going to have artists Clarke Nova, Gustav (twice champion of Secret wars) and Pick on site painting live, customising skate decks, t-shirts and trainers for four local skaters including UK mini ramp champion, Greg Nowick.
Later at 7pm there will be a Photoshoot with the skaters in Hoglands Park.
This event has been organised by the Creative Campus team.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


Hello again!

We are treating you all to a timetable for the day.
Please feel free to save a copy of the image, and save it on your phone for reference on the day.
Please avoid printing it if you don’t need to!
We will have time tables put up in the Film Tent, and Arts Market, and we’ll have signage letting you know what bands are playing and when.

Bring a drum down for our drumming session at 16:30, and make sure you don’t miss Paper Cinema and Little Boat in the Film Tent at 21:00. They are both sure to be amazing.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Hi All,

Just thought I'd give you a shout out to remind all of those coming to the festival that it is this SATURDAY. The weather forecasts tell us it will be fantastic, so bring some shade! Everything kicks off at 2pm, and runs until 10.

The BLOG will be updated shortly with some last minute additions to the events going on, so keep your eyes on that, or on our events page on facebook.



See you there!

The EjectorSeat Team

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nina Nastasia - Southampton gig

Hi All, We are not just about the festival. We are still working to bring the best touring bands the world has to offer, and get in great local acts for support.

We are very happy to announce that we have been asked to host Nina LINK on her intimate UK tour. She normally plays in venues of 400 plus, so this is going to be a very special event for those lucky enough to attend.

Nina Nastasia's rare gift of a voice is an intimate, winged presence that is able to either freeze or melt your heart; that can powerfully soar and twist, or brush ultra-gently against you, suddenly summoning goose bumps. Mojo commented on its ability to "suck the air out of the room". Picking over themes of love, longing and loss, childhood, dreams and human dramas, her beautifully concise, hook-laden song writing and the spare arrangements of her band have a certain gritty, rustic charm and intensity. Simultaneously tough and fragile, her songs crackle and smolder with an intimate emotional honesty and a dark undertow.

Nina’s sixth album Outlaster is due out on 6th June on Fat Cat (Sigur Ros, Animal Collective). Once again recorded by Steve Albini, who is one of her biggest supporters; “Nina Nastasia's 'Dogs' is a record so simultaneously unassuming and grandiose that I can't really describe it, except in terms that would make it (and me) sound silly. Of the couple thousand records I've been involved with, this is one of my favourites, and one that I'm proud to be associated with."

Veteran BBC DJ John Peel became similarly enamored with her music. In an interview with Harper's and Queen, he called her "astonishing" and in Mojo said: "[Nina's] songs are very direct without being posy or too clever. There's an attractive air of melancholy without self-pity." Nina twice made it into his Festive Fifty: "Ugly Face" (ranked 4th in 2002) and "You, Her & Me" (ranked 13th in 2003).

Local supports come from Winchester's Incredible Weapons LINK
and Bournemouth's Directorsound LINK

Tickets are £10adv, and available from:{3C64A901-8948-4C08-A8EB-94C4B04DECDE}&filler1=see&filler2=art-srch
Oxfam Music - 1 East Street, Southampton, SO14 3HE. 023 8022 4864

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


As part of our arts festival, we've invited some knitters to come and help us with a spot of subversive knitting in the GLORIOUS sunshine, as we add a little colour to Palmerston park...
The idea is to knit up strips in various colours and patterns and stitch them together to create a patch work cover that will then be sewn on to the tree.
If you can already knit, then come armed and ready for action and bring any odd balls of wool you have for the cause. If your not quite sure if knitting is for you, but fancy having a go this will be a great opportunity for you to try out the sport, our knitting Guru's will be on hand to show you the ropes all day so pop by for an hour or hang out and help for the whole day and make your Granny PROUD!! FACEBOOK EVENT

Friday, 23 April 2010


Our website went live today!


Please visit it to see what's going to be happening on the day, and for links to those involved with everything.

It's here:


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Film Competition.

EjectorSeat opens the call for entries for a brand new short film competition.

Several short-listed entries will form an essential part of the EjectorSeat Arts Festival programme, which is to be held on Saturday 5th June 2010 in Palmerston Park, Southampton. The site will include a film tent screening local shorts, to be curated by CityEye.

The free festival aims to celebrate and promote local arts and culture by exposing it in a public place.

· The film can last up to 5 minutes.
· It is to take influence from a song by one of the bands performing at the festival.
· The songs are hosted on and will be available to download or stream for free.

For terms and conditions, please refer to the attached.
If you would like more information, or an official press release please send an email to


Thursday, 15 April 2010


Hello all!

All the bands have confirmed for the festival. To listen to each of them, click the LINK button next to their names. There will be bands playing on two stages. The Main (Band Stand) Stage. The second stage will be in the Film Tent. They have been listed in order of appearance, with details of the special events that will be making their performances special.

Band Stand

The musical focal point for the festival is the Band Stand. This structure is the perfect stage to host the musicians that will be teaming up with orchestras, choirs, and dancers. Our drumming session will be held here at 4:30pm for all to get involved with.
Representing the local music scene, the following artists will be performing on the Band Stand (listed in order of appearance).

Baku Bankai LINK TBC
will be performing with a live painter!

Woven Bird
Since their inception in 2009, their agenda has been nothing more than to craft off-centre pop with sharp edges. They share a musical resemblance to The Smiths, Vampire Weekend and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Drumming Session LINK
Drumming is at the heart at every band and orchestra; it throbs and pulses to bring life and rhythm to music. To celebrate rhythm EjectorSeat will be taking influence from Boadrum, turning the entire park into a stage. Simple exercises will be incorporated into a mass drumming performance of local professionals and novices all performing together.

Waking Aida
Instrumental post-rock act, akin to Explosions in the sky, and 65DaysOfStatic, creating dynamic looped math rock. Fortunate enough to play with Danananaykroyd, Jeniferever and Portugal. The Man. This performance will be made special by the live strings that will accompany them.

Haunted Stereo
Creating intricate layers of sound with an array of melodic instruments; including banjo, mandolin, accordion, piano, violin, recorder, electric guitar, melodica and percussion. Elaborating on this multitude, they will be playing with a brass section.

Not content to accept that their future is a foregone conclusion and instead the suggestion that they are but Drawings; sketches of life that, so far, have been easily manipulated by our history, our traditions and our pretensions but not we’re not complete, not finished, not doomed. They are Drawings.

Venice Ahoy!
Venice Ahoy have been creating their own fast paced math pop on the local scene long enough to get a buzz surrounding them and become renowned for their hi-energy live shows. Think Foals and Gang of Four

Science of Eight Limbs
Two guys who are capable of making more noise than a band with three times as many members and yet can still command subtlety and intelligence in their textured, multi- faceted tunes. These are songs that sweep and soar from beat-heavy dance to riff laden grooves, introspective post-rock to full on peel your face off wall of noise.As a special performance they will exclusively collaborating with a choreographer.

Film Tent

The Death of Cinema Club
Each song by The Death of Cinema Club is a loud and fast paced tribute to one of their favourite films. Drums, sampler, bass, synths & stylophone, combine musically to make music akin to Daft Punk, Lightning Bolt, and Hella. They will be performing a VJ set at the festival, so expect a fair amount of Japanese anime, David lynch-esque scenes and monsters.

The Hola
An ever changing line up of Southampton’s most talented musicians and composers are going to be performing an original score written for a special visual projection and will be performing this live sound track to a special film.

The Paper Cinema
LINK & Little Boat LINK
Born out of the Bournemouth music scene The Paper Cinema gathered a cult following and became one of the most talked about acts of the Edinburgh Fringe 2008. The highly original theatre company use projections of intricate illustrations and improvised soundtrack to tell mysterious stories and create a ‘live cinema’ experience.

Really looking forward to this!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Draw a bird day!

Hello all, just a quick one to point out something quite charming. I heard today that it was international draw a bird day today. There are a couple of links below, telling you more about it! Draw a Bird Another This fits in with our themes at the festival, so I thought it was worth a mention.


Thursday, 4 March 2010

It's getting closer...our site will be up soon, but in the meantime here's a little taster:
In the mean time, there is some more info on our facebook group and event page

Thursday, 18 February 2010


We've developed a nice idea. It's kinda stealing, but it's kinda a tribute.

Drumming is at the heart of every band and orchestra; it throbs and pulses to bring life and rhythm to music.

To celebrate rhythm, EjectorSeat will be taking influence from Boadrum, turning the park into a stage at their Arts Festival to be held on Saturday 5th June within Palmerston Park.

Drumming workshops will be held at the Band Stand, and will include a few simple exercises, which will then be incorporated into a mass drumming performance of local professionals and brand new novices, all performing together. By dissolving egos and making a unified experience for all involved we hope to bring the park to life as one giant stage. With that in mind, the whole experience is aimed at being as inclusive as possible, and spare drums will be on hand on the day for anyone to get involved. This event will be truly unique and individual for everyone involved, weather engaged or passive, and will change depending on where one stands.

Mac Ince from EjectorSeat said “Our aim is something that goes beyond experimentalism, and develops into being pop in its scope and execution by bringing people together.”

The formation will be led by Dave Wade-Brown (from Thomas Tantrum), and as well as many other invited percussionists. The drummers from the bands performing at the Band Stand on the day will also be getting involved.

If you would like to be involved, and perform with the group, contact EjectorSeat by emailing info[at]


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Helping us to help Southampton.

EjectorSeat needs YOU!
Our Arts festival is being organised for Saturday 5th June 2010 and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. The festival is small enough for everyone involved as a volunteer to gain not just an overview of how the festival works, but to give real input and value. We will try to fit your experience and aspirations against required roles in the festival, so that we all benefit as much as possible.

What's available?
EjectorSeat have various positions available, with different responsibilities and skills.

We are looking for Grant Writers, to research and apply for Arts and Community grants; and Artist Liaisons Officers to co-ordinate and communicate with artists of different mediums.

In addition to this we need a team of marketing volunteers to help promote the festival a month leading up to and over the weekend of the event itself. Applicants for this role must be able to offer a minimum of 6 hrs.
We are also looking for professional quality photographers to help us document the festival.

We will need to know when you are available to volunteer for EjectorSeat, as this enables us to timetable volunteer hours in the office, at events and liaising with artists and onsite. It's really important that if you've said you're available at a particular time on a particular day, we can rely on your presence.

For further information on volunteering for EjectorSeat, or to apply send an email to: info [@] and mark in the SUBJECT of the email VOLUNTEER.You must also remember to include a full CV or if you don’t have a current CV 1 side of A4 explaining your interest in volunteering and any specific knowledge or skills that you think are applicable.

Mac Ince
EjectorSeat Director

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Three free shows...

Hello again!

We have mentioned before about the fact the recession might have a negative effect on our choice to leave the house and go spend money on the arts.
With that in mind, we have three handy little suggestions for you…

The First are the free Lunchtime events that happen at Turner Sims up at Southampton University. Held every Monday and Friday from 13:00, you can experience a range from solo student concerts, ensemble examination

concerts, and even performances from professional touring artists like the Kate Williams Quintet, and a very special performance from Veryan Weston who has played in the Phil Minton Quartet and the London Improvisers Orchestra. Occasional treats from University staff are performed, like on the 15th February when a concert of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám is played.

Bang the Bore is back with another show of irresponsible music made with abnormal instruments at the Hobbit on Sunday 17th January from 6 – 10. Entry is free, but donations to pay the bands are (very) gratefully accepted! The show will some awesome include sets by:
Rick Jensen Trio
Hunting Lodge
No Context
Baku Bankai (no site)

And LogJam again invites us to join them for a night of drawing and music at Hamptons on Sunday 10th Jan with the usual fun and games, and some new ideas on getting you involved with sketching out comics and giant murals.

There is also some more news on the Music in the City event to be held in Southampton in October.
A special launch event will be held at St Mary’s Church at noon on Thursday 14th January, aimed at highlighting what the festival will be about, with some performances from Shirley based rapper LST thrown into the mix.