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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Music, Film and Art

Have you heard of
Sotones? They are worth your time. A musicians' collective, a co-operative and a not-for-profit Community Interest Clause company. On the 9th of October they will be holding a shin-dig at Hamptons with performances from Joe Parker, Pete Lyons, The Moulettes, and Jackie Paper. FACEBOOK PAGE

For those of you who know the Hobbit in Southampton it will come as no surprise that their Beer Garden will be holding another festival. In the past it has embraced many weekend festivals such as Enviro-rock and Headline Festival, to raise awareness and funds for some good causes. The next such event will be SoundBytes Festival. Organised by Open Sight with the help of some local good eggs. There will be bands on the Friday night and all day Saturday, drink promotions and a BBQ. A market will be selling handmade clothes, jewellery, accessories, craftwork and art. There will also be various games, face painting and children’s arts and craft sessions for more info See the Facebook event page.

It looks like October is film festival season.
Southampton Film Week, Winchester Film Festival, Portsmouth Film Festival all happening within the first half of October.

Check out the programmes for each below:

Southampton Film Week

Portsmouth Film Festival

Winchester Film Festival

From November 7th - December 20th
A Space will be offering art lovers the chance to get their hands on some artwork at The Bargate Gallery as part of their Collectible 2 event. This might be a little ahead of time, but it will be worth saving up your pocket money so you can make sure you bag yourself a goodun’.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

ideas ideas ideas.

Hello to all you culture vultures...

This week we had a very productive meeting. Ideas for our Arts Festival in Southampton were flying around all over the place. We managed to catch a few of them, and tame their wild ways into something we could use to our advantage. We are gearing up and organising the Workshop element of the festival.

They included:
  • Holding workshops to get choirs and orchestras to practice with the bands, and then perform material on the day.
  • Hosting a song from each of the bands on our web-site and encourage film makers to produce a short film inspired by the music our favourite will then be shown in the Cinema Tent.
  • Engage illustrators, artists and everyone to create art to be placed all around the park and transform the space for the day (themes to be discussed) .
We are now talking to more groups and organisations than ever about the festival.
If you want to get involved, just e-mail us at info at