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Friday, 23 April 2010


Our website went live today!


Please visit it to see what's going to be happening on the day, and for links to those involved with everything.

It's here:


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Film Competition.

EjectorSeat opens the call for entries for a brand new short film competition.

Several short-listed entries will form an essential part of the EjectorSeat Arts Festival programme, which is to be held on Saturday 5th June 2010 in Palmerston Park, Southampton. The site will include a film tent screening local shorts, to be curated by CityEye.

The free festival aims to celebrate and promote local arts and culture by exposing it in a public place.

· The film can last up to 5 minutes.
· It is to take influence from a song by one of the bands performing at the festival.
· The songs are hosted on and will be available to download or stream for free.

For terms and conditions, please refer to the attached.
If you would like more information, or an official press release please send an email to


Thursday, 15 April 2010


Hello all!

All the bands have confirmed for the festival. To listen to each of them, click the LINK button next to their names. There will be bands playing on two stages. The Main (Band Stand) Stage. The second stage will be in the Film Tent. They have been listed in order of appearance, with details of the special events that will be making their performances special.

Band Stand

The musical focal point for the festival is the Band Stand. This structure is the perfect stage to host the musicians that will be teaming up with orchestras, choirs, and dancers. Our drumming session will be held here at 4:30pm for all to get involved with.
Representing the local music scene, the following artists will be performing on the Band Stand (listed in order of appearance).

Baku Bankai LINK TBC
will be performing with a live painter!

Woven Bird
Since their inception in 2009, their agenda has been nothing more than to craft off-centre pop with sharp edges. They share a musical resemblance to The Smiths, Vampire Weekend and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Drumming Session LINK
Drumming is at the heart at every band and orchestra; it throbs and pulses to bring life and rhythm to music. To celebrate rhythm EjectorSeat will be taking influence from Boadrum, turning the entire park into a stage. Simple exercises will be incorporated into a mass drumming performance of local professionals and novices all performing together.

Waking Aida
Instrumental post-rock act, akin to Explosions in the sky, and 65DaysOfStatic, creating dynamic looped math rock. Fortunate enough to play with Danananaykroyd, Jeniferever and Portugal. The Man. This performance will be made special by the live strings that will accompany them.

Haunted Stereo
Creating intricate layers of sound with an array of melodic instruments; including banjo, mandolin, accordion, piano, violin, recorder, electric guitar, melodica and percussion. Elaborating on this multitude, they will be playing with a brass section.

Not content to accept that their future is a foregone conclusion and instead the suggestion that they are but Drawings; sketches of life that, so far, have been easily manipulated by our history, our traditions and our pretensions but not we’re not complete, not finished, not doomed. They are Drawings.

Venice Ahoy!
Venice Ahoy have been creating their own fast paced math pop on the local scene long enough to get a buzz surrounding them and become renowned for their hi-energy live shows. Think Foals and Gang of Four

Science of Eight Limbs
Two guys who are capable of making more noise than a band with three times as many members and yet can still command subtlety and intelligence in their textured, multi- faceted tunes. These are songs that sweep and soar from beat-heavy dance to riff laden grooves, introspective post-rock to full on peel your face off wall of noise.As a special performance they will exclusively collaborating with a choreographer.

Film Tent

The Death of Cinema Club
Each song by The Death of Cinema Club is a loud and fast paced tribute to one of their favourite films. Drums, sampler, bass, synths & stylophone, combine musically to make music akin to Daft Punk, Lightning Bolt, and Hella. They will be performing a VJ set at the festival, so expect a fair amount of Japanese anime, David lynch-esque scenes and monsters.

The Hola
An ever changing line up of Southampton’s most talented musicians and composers are going to be performing an original score written for a special visual projection and will be performing this live sound track to a special film.

The Paper Cinema
LINK & Little Boat LINK
Born out of the Bournemouth music scene The Paper Cinema gathered a cult following and became one of the most talked about acts of the Edinburgh Fringe 2008. The highly original theatre company use projections of intricate illustrations and improvised soundtrack to tell mysterious stories and create a ‘live cinema’ experience.

Really looking forward to this!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Draw a bird day!

Hello all, just a quick one to point out something quite charming. I heard today that it was international draw a bird day today. There are a couple of links below, telling you more about it! Draw a Bird Another This fits in with our themes at the festival, so I thought it was worth a mention.