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Thursday, 18 February 2010


We've developed a nice idea. It's kinda stealing, but it's kinda a tribute.

Drumming is at the heart of every band and orchestra; it throbs and pulses to bring life and rhythm to music.

To celebrate rhythm, EjectorSeat will be taking influence from Boadrum, turning the park into a stage at their Arts Festival to be held on Saturday 5th June within Palmerston Park.

Drumming workshops will be held at the Band Stand, and will include a few simple exercises, which will then be incorporated into a mass drumming performance of local professionals and brand new novices, all performing together. By dissolving egos and making a unified experience for all involved we hope to bring the park to life as one giant stage. With that in mind, the whole experience is aimed at being as inclusive as possible, and spare drums will be on hand on the day for anyone to get involved. This event will be truly unique and individual for everyone involved, weather engaged or passive, and will change depending on where one stands.

Mac Ince from EjectorSeat said “Our aim is something that goes beyond experimentalism, and develops into being pop in its scope and execution by bringing people together.”

The formation will be led by Dave Wade-Brown (from Thomas Tantrum), and as well as many other invited percussionists. The drummers from the bands performing at the Band Stand on the day will also be getting involved.

If you would like to be involved, and perform with the group, contact EjectorSeat by emailing info[at]