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Thursday, 10 September 2009

ideas ideas ideas.

Hello to all you culture vultures...

This week we had a very productive meeting. Ideas for our Arts Festival in Southampton were flying around all over the place. We managed to catch a few of them, and tame their wild ways into something we could use to our advantage. We are gearing up and organising the Workshop element of the festival.

They included:
  • Holding workshops to get choirs and orchestras to practice with the bands, and then perform material on the day.
  • Hosting a song from each of the bands on our web-site and encourage film makers to produce a short film inspired by the music our favourite will then be shown in the Cinema Tent.
  • Engage illustrators, artists and everyone to create art to be placed all around the park and transform the space for the day (themes to be discussed) .
We are now talking to more groups and organisations than ever about the festival.
If you want to get involved, just e-mail us at info at


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