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Wednesday, 28 October 2009


We all know the music industry has been facing new challenges recently trying to desperately engage it’s audience and keep up with modern technology. Many blogs have covered this, with their own opinions and facts, so I won’t head in that direction.
Instead, I’ll simply give a list of different places I go to get my physical copies of my records.

The best place to find second hand rare records has to be Oxfam music. One of only 6 of Oxfam’s music devoted shops, it sits on the corner of East Street. This little shop has gems stacked from floor to ceiling. With some of the rarest records I’ve ever seen proudly on display. The stock is constantly changing, and has a wide range from world music to heavy metal, classical to white label dance promos.

If you are looking for something a little newer, and more “out-there” then I suggest going to the Art House on the second Sunday of the month in the morning. Grabbing a coffee and diving into the depths of the collection that Edgeworld offers. For those of us who are music snobs, and prefer something a little more contemporary.

The only independent record shop left in Southampton is Weasels Records. Dealing in both new and second hand (he will buy your older Cds). He’s got a load of old 45s in there too. Worth a look if you’re passing 392a Shirley Road

Know of any where I should have included? Let me know, by emailing info at ejectorseat. co . uk


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