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Thursday, 3 June 2010


Hello again!

We are treating you all to a timetable for the day.
Please feel free to save a copy of the image, and save it on your phone for reference on the day.
Please avoid printing it if you don’t need to!
We will have time tables put up in the Film Tent, and Arts Market, and we’ll have signage letting you know what bands are playing and when.

Bring a drum down for our drumming session at 16:30, and make sure you don’t miss Paper Cinema and Little Boat in the Film Tent at 21:00. They are both sure to be amazing.


  1. Not really legible, those pictures of the timetable. Any chance of making them higher resolution, or less compressed, or GIFs or PDFs instead of JPEGs? Or just posting the programme in text to the blog page or the Facebook page?

  2. aggreed, can't really read the timetable

  3. Hey!
    The programme is now live at our website you can get it from there.