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Monday, 17 August 2009

Welcome one and all.

EjectorSeat. Promoting and Celebrating Arts Culture in the South.
Our Aim: To connect and develop elements of culture in the South. We are promoters based on the South Coast of England. Please feel free to look around these pages to see what we’ve got coming up.

Our History: EjectorSeat was formed to promote the things we love. Our first event was to put on an amazing band, and get the best local acts to support. The band was 65daysofstatic, no other promoters in Southampton would have taken the chance on them. But the gig was a success! And meant that 65dos kept coming back for more. This started a thirst for bringing the best new bands to Southampton, who were genuinely sincere and trying something a bit different, holding the cream of local developing talent in support. After 5 years of securing the best touring bands, and helping local artists develop, we decided we needed to evolve and try and do more for other local artists.
Our Arts Festival was born. Which is what this blog is going to be detailing. We are developing on our humble beginnings, and expanding to include music from the Band Stand, a Cinema Tent, and Arts Market (representing Southampton’s best emerging talent) and room for much more. To find out more, keep on eye on this site, or contact us direct: info at ejectorseat. co. uk

We are on myspace, LastFM, and Facebook... join us!

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