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Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Bonanza

It's been a long weekend.
And I am thankful for it.
Friday saw a visit to The Hobbit on Beavois Valley for some Math/Post/Noise-rock entertainment. A final show and fairwell for Southampton band El Colosso. Playing with them was The Psyche Out Musikland Big Band and Brother Francisco.

Saturday saw an evenings art and entertainment as The Bargate gallery opened its doors for Testing Grounds.

Sunday was all about Osfest at the Osbourne in Shirley. Which concluded at nice broad spectrum of culture!

Now, I know it's pretty pointless me telling you all this now, but here's something for the future:

Music In The City
It's going to be a long game for these guys. They are building up momentum for events in 2010. So get involved, find out what you can do! I know I will...

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